Welcome to Montty’s Notes

Montty is a pseudonym

I opened by first brokerage account at 18, when I got a job paying £4.50 an hour. It was well below minimum wage at the time, but I lived at home, had very little in expenses and was determined to save money to supplement the student loans I was going to get the following year.

I had no idea what I was doing then, but the concept piqued by interest and so I started reading and have been doing so ever since.

Book Lists - some of my favourites

  1. Tim Hale, Smarter Investing

  2. John Kay, The Long and the Short of it

  3. Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

  4. Graham & Dodd, Security Analysis

  5. Peter Lynch, One Up On Wall Street

  6. Peter Lynch, Learn to Earn

I am still reading and learning. Montty’s Notes is a distillation of the lessons learned with the occasional anecdotes. The result is a clear perspective of what sound money management looks like-without the fluff.

I approach these letters the way I would a teaching module. Each post has a clear learning outcome.

Interactions & Learning Outcomes

There are 3 sections for what I write.

How to Money_Starter

  1. Learn the essentials of sound money management.

  2. Understand the links between behaviours and spending patterns.

  3. Tips on improving your employability: CV writing etc.

How to Money_Plus

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of passive investing.

  2. Learn how to define and investment strategy to suit your risk appetite.

  3. Take the beginners steps in starting and managing your own portfolio.

  4. Learn the steps to manage your portfolio longer-term.


I like to challenge myself to see if I can explain complex concept with doodles.

Reaching Me

I hope you come on this journey with me. I have much to learn myself which I think makes me good teacher. If you have questions you can reach me here or on help@montty.co or on twitter at @HelloMontty

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I write Montty’s Notes, a fortnightly (bi-weekly) newsletter on how to get started with sensible Investing. Each post is a distillation of theoretical principles followed by practical steps you should take to build, manage and grow your portfolio.